Do you need a photoshoot in Madrid? You have come to the right place!

Madrid, as the capital of Spain, has lots to offer. We associate it mainly with football and white-collar workers, doing big businesses, but Madrid has its own particular history and charm. Spacious plazas, outstanding parks, palaces, sophisticated architecture, bars, and tabernas, are just a colourful background to the vibrant people, who make the heart of this city beat. Noisy and chaotic sometimes, Madrid has many inspiring places, yet not easy to find. Living in Madrid for many years, has given me an understanding of which are the true gems of this city, the best time to go there, and the secret corners, many don’t know about.

I photograph people in the Madrid area. I do portraits, family photos, weddings, corporate photos, and artistic photoshoots. I’m open to new ideas and projects. In this section, I will show you my works, and some of the photoshoots I do.


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the country where I live

Spain is a country that smells of earth and sun. Rich in all possible colors of the planet can delight and blind at the same time. Imagine the colorful skirt of a flamenco dancer, full of pomp and frills; a golden sunset shimmering in a turquoise sea bay, surrounded by red earth; colorful azulejos on the facade of an Andalusian house, whose patio planted with cloves, is a place of respite for the dark-haired gypsy; the green hills, sprinkled with rainbow dew, on a cold morning in Asturias. 

Spain inspires and makes you lazy at the same time. It is a country of contrasts. 

For me, full of ambivalence. You love it, and sometimes you hate it, but often you can’t decide where your feelings lay, on the love/hate scale. Spain definitely does not leave anyone indifferent. At first glance charming but hiding many darker traits beneath the surface. 



the country I come from

Poland is beautiful! I visited so many great places on Earth and although many of them I have yet to discover. I keep coming back to my homeland with a tear in my eyes, recalling my childhood- years spent in nature- in the Low Beskids – mountains of my native region – Lesser Poland.

Its natural and unpolluted green areas are unique in Europe, and the big cities and smaller towns, boast of the ancient culture and rich history of the land, once inhabited by the great Polish kings.

Often, during my travels, I have met with travelers from many, sometimes very exotic countries. I was often surprised by their extent of knowledge of Poland, unlike many of us poles, who have had no opportunity, willingness or encouragement, to discover the deepest corners of our beautiful country.



the country where I look for inspiration

Paris was for a short time my whole life. An advanced civilization on the verge of decadence, paradoxically teaches me again and again the values ​​of a bygone era: Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité. Here, the revolution continues all the time – the revolution of ideas, nationalities, order, laws and borders.

This is where I feel truly free and full of inspiration, and here I come back when I miss it.

A country with people from all over the world, of all skin colors, where every fourth inhabitant is an immigrant from somewhere, puts its opinions on tolerance and living in a society to the test, almost every day. France taught me to think originally and independently, and at the same time showed the laws that should be followed. It was a difficult place to live, but also the most beautiful one. Centuries of sublime culture make France a place rich in knowledge about the world, rich in pride, aspiration and prestige. This country has also the other side of the coin.