SPAIN - the country where I live

Spain is a country that smells of earth and sun. Rich in all possible colors of the planet can delight and blind at the same time. Imagine the colorful skirt of a flamenco dancer, full of pomp and frills; a golden sunset shimmering in a turquoise sea bay, surrounded by red earth; colorful azulejos on the facade of an Andalusian house, whose patio planted with cloves, is a place of respite for the dark-haired gypsy; the green hills, sprinkled with rainbow dew, on a cold morning in Asturias. 

Spain inspires and makes you lazy at the same time. It is a country of contrasts. For me, full of ambivalence. You love it, and sometimes you hate it, but often you can’t decide where your feelings lay, on the love/hate scale. Spain definitely does not leave anyone indifferent. At first glance charming but hiding many darker traits beneath the surface. The one who has tasted the wonderful Spanish sun knows, that it burns everything. The one who has enjoyed the delicious Iberian food knows that it flows down with recycled olive oil. The one who loves to spend time carelessly with the fellows of the peninsula during a day off, knows that on the next day, the very same people, could be the bearers of difficult moments at work. On the everyday basis, the Spanish are open and expressive, but below the surface in their hearts they carry hard emotions from the civil war and the recent crisis. Inconsistencies can be found literally everywhere. Even fair-haired, with a light complexion Spaniard is the equivalent of its more popular version, i.e. handsome hunk with lush dark hair – Antonio Banderas style.
Who is able to choose the better colors from the Spanish palette, feels great here. I have been learning for a long time now how I want to live, relate with people and work here. I learned the rules and I also introduced my own. I’ve picked up the bits I like, and live in my self-made Spain, I enjoy everyday elements that I have chosen for my personal Spanish piece of heaven. Beginning the day with a unique taste of café con leche (coffee with milk), surrounded by the exceptional nature of the peninsula, where the rain pleases me more than the sun, I experience peace that I could not find anywhere else in Europe.