Traveling teaches me to live well

Since I was little, I knew I would travel. I was born in a country behind the Iron Curtain, where travel was an extremely difficult undertaking, and remained impossible for most destinations. Thus, as a child, my mum and I traveled all over Poland, in that legendary car, Fiat 126P, nowadays called “The Little one”. My Mum and her passion for discovering new places has always been my inspiration. My grandparents and my uncle taught me how to endure walking long hikes in the mountains and orientation in the field. Such skills proved very useful later on, when visiting new places.

I live now in happy times, when the borders are open and the ease of traveling boils down to booking a trip on the internet, on my own home computer.

Traveling teaches me to live well, and to have tolerance and respect for nature.  With each trip, I gain new skills and challenge the opinions learnt in school.

Speaking five languages, makes it easier for me to move around in the big world, and years spent in three different European countries (Italy, France and Spain), have given me many original friends, with whom sharing conversations and thoughts, stimulate me do do new things.

The beautiful thing about traveling is that it doesn’t matter where I go. Through photography, which I love, I can discover a new face of everything that surrounds me again and again. In turn the search for what is unknown and undiscovered has always been my favorite pastime.

I work in the field of medical science, and the current place of my residence is the capital of Spain – Madrid.