POLAND - the country I come from.

Poland is beautiful! I visited so many great places on Earth and although many of them I have yet to discover, I keep coming back to my homeland with a tear in my eyes, recalling my childhood- years spent in nature- in the Low Beskids - mountains of my native region - Lesser Poland.
Its natural and unpolluted green areas are unique in Europe, and the big cities and smaller towns, boast of the ancient culture and rich history of the land, once inhabited by the great Polish kings.
Often, during my travels, I have met with travelers from many, sometimes very exotic countries. I was often surprised by their extent of knowledge of Poland, unlike many of us poles, who have had no opportunity, willingness or encouragement, to discover the deepest corners of our beautiful country. Who among you was in Podlasie and experienced the immemorial union of three cultures and religions? Who has walked over the entire Trail of the Eagles' Nests? Who visited Gniezno and Krakow - the cradle of Polishness? Who was in Masuria and admired the beauty of their lakes from a bird's eye view, in a hot balloon quietly floating in the sky?
I believe that every Pole, in his heart is always connected with his land, and needs to fall in love with his country from time to time. So many of us left, many for long, we miss our homeland, but we do not admit it. That is why many of my articles are devoted to Poland and its charms. Like many others, I also emigrated, but I am again enchanted with the beauty of my native place and comming back increasingly, I appreciate everything in it.