Ansó valley - Valley of the beautiful people


Kolorowy Ptak

That’s what I called it, judge it yourself if it is rightly so!


Its real name is the Ansó Valley, and in it, there lies a small, very old town, buried in the Pyrenean wilderness. Once a year, on a sunny, summer day, an amazing feast takes place here. Pre-medieval costumes of the valley’s community, are taken out from the showcases of the local ethnographic museum and worn all day by the town’s locals. The holiday has attractions such as: singing, dancing and music performances, presentations of old housework, hairdressing, and medieval fashion show. The costumes, which are worn with unprecedented care, are cleaned after the festivities, subjected to renovation and returned to the showcases. The showcases often travel the globe, participating in world-wide exhibitions!

The beauty of these wonderful attires, strangely harmonizes with the dazzling physics and gentle nature, of the inhabitants of Ansó valley. They are all tall, slim, harmoniously built, beautiful as gods. They have faces with extremely regular features, beautiful expressive eyes, phenomenal dental arches, and unearthly complexion, without blemishes or swelling. Even old people keep their proud, upright figure and their eyes, full of shine, look thoughtful. Unlike other region’s Spaniards, who are noisier, the inhabitants of this valley emanate inner peace. They are full of indescribable dignity and at the same time are unfashionably … modest. I tried to tell a mature woman, that she looked like a miss world to me, but she blushed like a teen girl and looked at me ashamed. In dealing with newcomers, people from here present a fascinating mix, of royal distance with cordial curiosity. I walked in the quiet streets of the town, in this somewhat unreal world, absorbing the sweetness of the radiant smiles of the local people and enthusiastic tourists. I think that in such places, the level of happiness of the planet is rising rapidly.


Because here borders and interpersonal divisions disappear. And yet how wonderfully the charm of the cultural diversity is highlighted!

The special geographical conditions caused, that Ansó village local tradition and its way of dressing survived, unchanged, for many centuries.


The cloche of inaccessibility protected the customs of these highlanders from outside influences. And it is priceless that even today when the Pyrenees are provided with a network of comfortable roads, the inhabitants of Ansó cherish their own centuries-old difference. And to all those, who pass through the high passageway, over the twisty road, into the town, residents share with joy every aspect of their own uniqueness.

When I listened with the utmost interest, the explanations of the medieval fashion show and watched successively groups of kids, teenagers and adults, dressed up in casual and festive attire for various occasions, I realized how much this colourful, interesting legacy, is a treasure to the whole world. These tall, beautiful villagers exemplarily show us, how to effectively store and consolidate our own culture.


The Ansó costume day is held every year, on the last Sunday in August.



Spain, Aragon province, the village of Ansó, in the Pyrenees


Program of the day

The event lasts all day. For best photo shots and magical moments, spent among the beautifully dressed locals, it is best to go in the morning. Before 10 am it is still very intimate, without crowds.


  • 09.00 Meeting at the main fountain in Ansó. Guests are greeted with a plate of Migas – a traditional Spanish dish.
  • 10.00 Presentation of typical village houseworks, in the old town streets close to the church.
  • 12.00 Fashion show of the Ansó costumes, that is organized on the main square of the village, at the town hall
  • 14.00 Lunch break
  • 17:30 Jota dance festival