Caleton Blanco,Paradise Lagoon on Lanzarote


Kate The Traveller

One of the Canary Islands – Lanzarote has an exceptionally picturesque coastline on its northern side. There lies my favorite beach, Caleton Blanco, along with the de Orzola beach near the Orzola town.

I found it by coincidence, wondering why this part of the island, is being advertised the least. The most popular beaches on the island’s guidebooks are De Papagayo and Famara. Far from the crowded beaches of the eastern part of the island, the turquoise waters of the Caleton Blanco lagoon and the light breeze always present in this part of the island, form an ideal place to relax and admire the magnificent view in the distance – the islands of La Graciosa and the smaller islands of the Archipelago Chinijo.

The characteristic beach feature is its beautiful, snow-white sand, contrasting with the black lava irregular volcanic rocks scattered everywhere. WARNING! It is necessary to put on rubber sandals, to walk comfortably on the bottom of the lagoon! I waded over it with my bare feet, and even though it did not bother my exploring it in general, I would have saved a lot of scratches and painful pricks while walking, if my feet would have been protected.

It is best to come to the beach for its beautiful views in the early morning, when you can still find a place in the parking lot, tasting a wide selection of locations to spread a towel or a sunbed. The lagoon is most attractive at high tide, when water fills the rocky coves, creating spectacular pools for bathing and wading. The tide hour changes every day, and it is best to check when it happens in the application Wisuki-Viento y Olas, on the Internet, or just spend the whole day watching this natural wonder, during its fascinating changes – on a regular basis.

Swimming in these naturally created pools is very safe. The water is calm, and the waves of the ocean form only somewhere far away on the horizon.

After the exploration of Caleton Blanco, you can still go to the nearby beach: Caleta Del Mojón Blanco and end the day with dinner in Orzola, in the restaurant La Nasa, where they serve delicious seafood and fish. After all that, you should definitely go to the beach Playa De Orzola, to indulge yourself in contemplating the sunset.