FRANCE - the country where I look for inspiration

Paris was for a short time my whole life. An advanced civilization on the verge of decadence, paradoxically teaches me again and again the values ​​of a bygone era: Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité. Here, the revolution continues all the time - the revolution of ideas, nationalities, order, laws and borders. This is where I feel truly free and full of inspiration, and here I come back when I miss it. A country with people from all over the world, of all skin colors, where every fourth inhabitant is an immigrant from somewhere, puts its opinions on tolerance and living in a society to the test, almost every day. France taught me to think originally and independently, and at the same time showed the laws that should be followed. It was a difficult place to live, but also the most beautiful one. Centuries of sublime culture make France a place rich in knowledge about the world, rich in pride, aspiration and prestige. This country has also the other side of the coin. On the verge of never-ending change, French society is constantly experiencing a storm of emotions and impulses towards the unknown, accompanied by a sense of insecurity. This is the feeling you get, when walking along a cobbled, shiny promenade, an avenue of tenement houses from King Louis’ s time, full of African children playing, with the scent of incense and the music of the black continent in the background, suddenly something grabs you by the throat and your heart stops. Back to your senses, you speak kindly "bonjour" and as if with a magic wand, you become part of this exotic, somehow independent district in the heart of French multiculturalism. These frightened Frenchmen of today, whose ancestors once conquered the whole world, find out that years later, that same world came to his own homeland. These people, seemingly frigid and sarcastic - a stereotype that I often find when traveling through France, after many years became the best friends I encountered. A people prone to go through a myriad of experiences and a complex family background makes the Frenchman a very complicated person, often unhappy, who I understand. The variety of sensations within the few years that I spent in Paris and traveling around France made me easily overdose, Now I can taper to a moderate amount, by visiting occasionally. This specific Parisian initiation into the adult world, caused that traveling to France became an indispensable element in my yearly plans. Each part of it can stimulate in a specific way. Delicious gastronomic north, aristocratic center, relaxed lifestyle of the south and its dependent territories (France d'outre-mer) together create a blend full of possibilities of a country that, year by year, beats records of tourist popularity in the world.